The University caters to quite a large variety of tastes in dancing, music, drawing, singing and theater, with different groups of students participating in various performances. You do not need any special preparation to join most of the clubs. All the classes take place on campus. To join any club please contact the group by phone.

Synthesis Theater Ostrov (Island)

In this theater different forms of art and music are combined. Acting skills are also refined in productions.

The group leader: Valeriy Iliyn

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Folklore group KrAsota

Group members study and perform folklore songs and rituals, games, vocal & choreographic compositions. They also get acquainted with traditional folklore instruments.

The group leader: Oksana Ilyinichna Vykhristyuk, an honorary specialist in culture RF, an associate member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Arts & Sciences

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NSU Academic choir

The choir performs classical choir works created by Russian and Foreign composers.
The choir leader: Ekaterina Kiselnikova

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University DJ School Bass Room

Individual learning approach. Different levels of preparation. Real practice during a variety of events.
The group leader: Vladimir Artamonov
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Salsa Cubana

Salsa Cubana is a Latin American energetic and stimulating dance that you can practice in couple or in groups.
Instructor and choreographer: Marcos Fernandez

Ballroom Dance School

Ballroom dance choreography, European and Latino dances: cha-cha-cha, rhumba, jive and paso doble.
The group leader: Alexander Vabishchevich
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Hot and energetic Brazilian pair dance full of emotions, capable of surprising anybody who sees it for the first time.
The group leaders: Alexander Shestakov, Anastasia Petrova
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Contemporary Dance Studio

Contemporary Dance Studio promotes a dancing style which combines elements of modern dance and jazz, classical ballet and yoga, folk and pop dance.
The group leader: Evgeniya Lyakhova
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Vocal Studio

Voice training, repertoire from classical to jazz, ensemble singing
The group leader: Irina Anatoliyevna Pivovarova
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Music Club

The Music Club is the place where music is born, where you can rehearse your performances as well as share your experience and music outlook with others.
The group leader: Ivan Moshna
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ZUMBA is a dance fitness program based on popular Latin American and world rhythms. It combines strength, aerobic and interval training. Zumba also worksall muscle groups which allows you to burn calories and keep your body in shape. ZUMBA movements are simple and the music energetic.
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Theater “Sinestetika”

Physical and flexible theater, modern choreography. The theater team often does travels beyond traditional venues to create experimental performances and spectacles and explores the relationships between movement, light and sound. Theatre "Sinestetika" – hear colors, see sounds.

Historic and Irish Dance Studio Mediaeval

Dances of the 16-20th c., folklore Celtic and sports dance.
The group leader: Olga Fialko
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Cheerleading is a sport combining elements of entertainment and spectacular sports (dance, gymnastics and acrobatics).
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Folklore Ensemble Semenov Den

Popularizes traditional folklore culture. Folklore theater, songs and dance.
The group leader: Egor Rublev
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NSU Violin Group

Both University students and faculty members participate in this group. They preform classical and pop music pieces.
The group leader: Ekaterina Buyanova

NSU Engineers' Club Hackspace

The NSU Engineers' Club provides an opportunity for self-realization through scientific and technical creativity and applied intellectual practice. The members of NSU Hackspace have access to a wide range of equipment: soldering irons, oscilloscopes, a 3D-printer, wood and metal working hand tools, drills and turning machines. The NSU Hackspace team SMC participates in international competitions such as the Smartmoto Challenge which is dedicated to electric motorcycles.
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NSU Classical Music Lovers Club

The NSU classical music lovers Club brings together students and graduates who sing or play live music - solo or in groups - on piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, saxophone, guitar or any other instrument. Anyone interested can take part at any time.
The main activities of the club cover:

  • Classical and academic music
  • Acoustic rock, folk music, jazz, blues, improvisation
The supervisor of the club: Maria Timofeeva, professional pianist.
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Siberian English Club

The Siberian English Club was founded more than 10 years ago. The goal of the club is to practice speaking skills. Every Sunday we discuss different topics from happiness to time travel. Participation is free of charge and your level of English is not important.
The club leader: Menzorov Aleksey
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2nd floor, Pirogova 1 (administration building NSU), office 2330, NSU student center for extra-curricular activities and educational work
Contact person: Ekaterina Buyanova, e-mail: Tel. +7 (383) 363-43-52, 363-41-05