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Why choose to study foreign languages at NSU?

Graduates of the NSU Department of Foreign Languages work all over the globe. They tell us what education at NSU has given them and why to choose this major.

Why choose the Department of Information technology of NSU?

Department graduates now employees of Yandex, Kaspersky, Intel and Parallels, explain why to choose the NSU Department of Information Technology.

Why choose the department of Physics of NSU?

Learn what makes the NSU Department of Physics one of the best in the world.

Why choose to study psychology at NSU?

In our video you will learn about jobs for graduates with a major in psychology from NSU.

Why choose the Department of Economics at NSU?

In our film, recent graduates talk about x economics education at a classical University and why they chose a major in economics.

Why choose the Department of Geology and Geophysics at NSU?

In this short film, you learn what it means to be a geologist.

Open Door Day 2016 at NSU

The Open Door Day at NSU is the opportunity for prospective students to explore absolutely everything they need to choose their future profession.

Why choose Humanities at NSU?

Humanities constitute a whole world whose door we try to open in our video.

Why choose journalism at NSU?

In this film, we tell you about one of the majors at NSU – journalism.

Why choose the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at NSU?

In our video learn why mathematics is beautiful, and why mechanics-mathematics will expand your world.

Why choose the Department of Natural Sciences of NSU?

Department graduates tell us why a chemist or biologist should be curious and much more

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