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This is a story about how Veronika met “Elephantfly”

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Fundamentals of Virology. Trailer

The causes of many infectious diseases remained unclear for a long time. Only in the last decades has it become evident: more than 70% of them are caused by viruses. This course gives an introduction to various viruses, from flu to HIV, explains how viruses get into human cells, how vaccines work, and how viruses can be used to cure serious diseases.

Gemstones: diagnostics and expertise. Trailer

Precious stones have always been valued. Gemology is the science of precious stones, and you will get an exciting introduction to it in our course. What makes a stone precious? How is the price of a gem defined? How to define whether a stone is natural or artificial? These are the questions that our course answers.

Trailer of the course «Gemstones»: backstage

How we shot the trailer for the course “gemstones”.

Biosensors. Trailer

All living creatures respond to the changes around them. Registering these changes and informing the central nervous system about them is the function of the sensors of cell membranes thar are sensitive to different forms of energy. Take this course and you will learn about the structures of various sensory systems at the molecular level and will know more about how some parts of the nervous system work.

GMOs: Technologies of their creation and application. Trailer

This course is an introduction to the genetic modification of organisms. Join the course and you will find out why transgenic technologies were created, how transgenic constructions are made, what can, and what cannot, be done with the help of transgenic technologies, and how transgenic animals help people in their fight with ageing and hereditary diseases