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Social experiments in Akademgorodok

Students in the school of Psychology at the NSU Department of Psychology decided to find out how people on the streets of Akademgorodok react to theft, whether they give money to street musicians and whether they love to hug strangers

This is a story about how Veronika met “Elephantfly”

If you want to get an “Elephantfly” t-shirt, sign up for our free course:

EnDay at NSU

An English Language Day was held at our University! In our short video discover how we had 5 o'clock Tea with the Dean of NSU, the Spelling Bee and much more.

INST’16. VII International Natural Sciences Tournament at NSU

Learn about the last International Natural Sciences Tournament at NSU in our video.

"The Night" at NSU

On this night, anyone can enter the laboratories where researchers explain complicated things in simple words.

Total Dictation 2016

146,000 people from 68 countries participated in the “Total Dictation” this year. According to tradition, NSU hosted its main platform.

Open Space Picnic 2016

The scientific picnic (Open Space Picnic) celebrates the beginning of the academic year at NSU.

Trail of the ancestors

"Trail of the ancestors" — the road of evolution, every step of which equals 100,000 years.

New Year greetings 2016

All NSU departments wish you a Happy New Year in one film!

Open Door Day 2016 at NSU

The Open Door Day at NSU is the opportunity for prospective students to explore absolutely everything they need to choose their future profession.

Snowman Day at Novosibirsk State University

Teams from all over the University gather to build the best “designed” snowman.

Medical Tournament

How to make complicated diagnosis, negotiate with colleagues and just "have fun with medicine".

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